Q. What kind of warranty does my repair come with?
A. All of our repairs come with a 30 day warranty on the part that has been replaced (excluding water damage).

Q. Does your work void the warranty on my device?
A. Your warranty is voided once damage occurs.

Q. How quickly can you repair my gadget?
A. Depending on your particular repair need, the typical wait time may be from 30 min to 2 hours. Please note this is an estimate, as we must consider the needs of your device. Our work is genuine; please trust that we take our time to perform the repair properly. We ask that you please bring your device fully charged to expedite the repair.

Q. What can you do for devices that have trouble charging or powering on?
A. technician will inspect the phone and let you know what will need to be replaced and the cost of repair. Make sure to bring the charging accessory that you currently use along with the device.

Q. Can you fix water damaged gadgets?
A. G Cell has a 50/50 chance of repairing water damaged devices, and we cannot offer warranty on this type of repair. This type of repair takes time to test, so please allow 24 hours.

Q. Will my data be lost during your repair?
A. G Cell does not do anything that will lose your data while your device is being repaired. There are times where the damage to your phone erases your data, but this is only discovered when your repair needs are met.

Q. How do I pay for the repair?
A. Cash or Debit only. We will quote the price before the repair is actually done. If additional repair needs are discovered after the phone is opened, we will contact you for authorization to continue.

Q. Does the estimated price include labor?
A. All prices include parts and labor.

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